Look for Ph.D or MS Students interested in research on Grid Computing

For MSc and and PhD students of KMUTNB several topics are open in the area of decentralized systems, self-organization and adaptation. In detail, the follwoing work shall be done:

• Implementation and analyse of an improved routing mechanism basing on the UTH structure building method and minority ants
• Application of the thermo field analogon to avoid network congestions in a decentralized P2P Network environments
• Considerations for the realization of group based approaches for a decentralized, probablistic authentication system
• Specification and simulation of emotional agents in a minority game environment
• Simulation and statistic result evaluation of an extended COURNOT competition with subsets of real players
• .....to be updated.

Below you can find related recent literature, which may be a good introduction to start working in the desired area. All articles, most of the used citations and other timely works can be obtained from http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu.

In case you are intersted in working in the described areas, please come to our office at the 6th floor of the IT building, send an eMail to Herwig.Unger@fernuni-hagen.de or give me a call to +66 8 97900650 (thai mobile phone).

All topics will be supervised by Dr. Phayung and me. In case of excellent results we will help and support you for publishing results in international conferences and journals as well as in finding support for an internship period at the FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany).

Prof. Dr. Herwig Unger

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