Graduation Ceremony Academic Year 2008
  The graduation ceremony for recent graduates of KMUTNB will be held on November 10th, 2009
at the BITEC Hall in Bang-Na, Bangkok.

Those who graduated in the 2008 academic year can now register to attend the graduation ceremony.
Please do so by visiting our website at
between August 20th, 2009 and September 20th, 2009.

Once you have completed the online form,
Please print it and bring it to the financial office at 2nd floor of the TGGS building
to pay the fees (between 09:00 and 18:00 Monday through Friday).
The cost of the ceremony is 1,600.
You will also need to bring 2 of 1size photographs of yourself wearing the red suit uniform.

20/08/09 to 20/09/09 Registration on website
03/11/09 First rehearsal and Graduation Photography group at KMUTNB Pradudeag Hall
08/11/09 Second rehearsal At BITEC Hall, Bang-na
10/11/09 Graduation ceremony At BITEC Hall, Bang-na

If you require further information, please email
or call (+66)02-913-2500 ext. 2702.

Academic dress (red gown) can be hired or bought:
You can hire or buy your academic dress a week before the ceremony
at 46 bldg. 1st floor KMUTNB souvenir shop

Red gown (buy) about 800.-
Red gown (hire) about 450.- / Pledge (500.-)
white suit (buy) about 1,700.-
white suit (buy) about 400.-/Pledge (1,000.-)

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